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Topology Optimization and Cooling System Design For Functionally Graded Patch Antenna Substrates Osman SAYGINER ME, Master’s Thesis, 2016 Thesis Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Gullu Kiziltas Sendur Keywords: Topology optimization, patch antennas, genetic algorithm, functionally graded materials, freeze casting, low temperature cooling system ABSTRACT  In parallel to current important developments in electronics and communication technologies, needs on wireless systems have become more popular yet stringent. In order to meet that demand, development...

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  • January 29, 2017

Project Tag: 2209OS Microfabricated microcantilevers are widely used as a nanomechanical tool for diagnostics, molecular detections and many sensor devices. Its easiness, sensitivity and cost of manufacture make it a key element for many applications. Piezoelectric material covered unimorph microcantilevers would provide energy generation from ambient sources as a result of its freely vibrating body. To generate the maximum amount of energy, the microcantilever structure’s resonance frequency (natural frequency) should...

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  • May 19, 2014