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• Novel optoacoustic sensor design for Structural Health Monitoring | PhD Thesis

The aim of this project is modelling, design and fabrication of novel optoacoustic sensor systems for Structural Health Monitoring.  The design framework consists of multiphysics modeling and multi-objective optimization. The fabrication process involves thin-film deposition and microfabrication.

Keywords: Opto-acoustic sensors, optical filters, thin films, multiphysics modelling, multidisciplinary optimization, structural health monitoring, acoustic emission, and ultrasonic waves.

•  Topology Optimization And Cooling System Design For Functionally Graded Patch Antenna Substrates | MS Thesis
This project was also a part of my master thesis. It was focused on topology optimization, finite element analysis, patch antennas and functionally graded material manufacturing. I applied topology optimization techniques on patch antenna structure using different composite material subdomains. In that study, the key point was to obtain a unique structure that represents the best performance under deserved objectives subject to several constraints. By doing this, I dealt with heuristic optimization techniques by particularly using the genetic algorithm involving the loop of FEA simulations.

In addition, I designed and experimented with a cooling device in order to manufacture a functionally graded antenna substrate by manipulating microporous structure. As a result, my thesis work, two papers were accepted for APS/URSI 2017 conference.

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• Resonance frequency analysis of MEMS-based on piezoelectric micro-cantilever beam for vibration energy harvesting applications | BS Graduation

The aim of the project was to investigate the geometrical effects on the resonance frequency of unimorph layered cantilever by using finite element analysis (FEA). This project was supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK 2209/A). The output of this work was presented as a poster in the 10th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference in 2014, Istanbul.

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• Nanoindentation study on titanium and cobalt chrome alloys

I was a visiting researcher in Professor Steve Bull’s research group at Newcastle University, UK. I took part in the mechanical test of titanium and cobalt chrome materials as well as the analysis of the experimental data. A journal article on this study was published in Thin Solid Films.

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